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IMG_2094 This is our new home until the end of November. We being my husband Brian and Myself are managers of a caravan park which is 7 days a week, no breaks 7.00am to 6.00pm, so we had to pack up 4 bedroom house put everything in storage, move the kids out of the house and travel 3 hours North to begin the journey (all within 3 weeks). So tonight is my first opportunity to do an update. We are at Hervey Bay where it is whale watching season, such an amazing site to see.   Whale Watching       We had to bring Navi (our son’s dog) with us and she just loves to serve at the counter .  She jumps on the golf cart which Brian uses to pick up the rubbish bins and all the locals just love her. We are not sure what or where we will go next but it won’t be managing another caravan park any day soon 🙂  Although it is fun and I love the people I miss not having free time.  We are only 3 blocks from the beach and I long to just sit, but I’m thankful for the opportunity. Navi So what is new with Our Memories For life There will be ONE idea book for all 3 brands: Heritage Makers, Our Memories for Life, and Anthology? This will be full of project ideas, and they will be updating it QUARTERLY!!! Also, for OMFL and Anthology they will release Product Info sheets when the new products come out. Will keep you posted on this. Heritage Makers is that much closer in coming to Australia.  Already it is enjoyed by so many in the states.  To join you do through www.join-julia.com that is my link and it is $25 US which includes catalogs and $15 for Australia/New Zealand The September Autoship is ready to order and it looks amazing.   Anthology products during the Pre-launchseptemberautoship

Click on this to watch the training topic Getting Out of your comfort Zone. Training with Rhonda September 2015  16573_USOM520805_School_Days-Border_420px-2_1 How cute are these? 16015_USOM520835_PB_BorderStrips_420_1


Will make sure you do another post this month. Miss you heaps

YOUNGEVITY home for 3 of the most influential women in the entire MEMORY KEEPING industry

YOUNGEVITY is now the home for 3 of the most influential women in the entire MEMORY KEEPING industry



We are so excited to welcome our newest Brand Ambassador, Lisa Bearnson, and a new product line, Anthology, by Lisa Bearnson, into our Youngevity Memory Keeping family.

Lisa started Creating Keepsakes magazine at age 32 which flew off the shelves and grew to 500,000 readers. She published 13 books, sold millions on QVC, and appeared on the Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and many others. She was featured in People Magazine, top newspapers, and countless trade publications.  She is known around the world for her ideas, creativity, and role in the scrapbooking industry.  We are thrilled to have her as Youngevity’s newest Brand Ambassador!

I believe working with Lisa Bearnson in the Memory Keeping division of Youngevity, will make a big impact on our future.  Lisa’s experience in communication, scrapbooking, training, and all things creative will really unify our existing brands and so much more.

YOUNGEVITY is now the home for 3 of the most influential women in the entire MEMORY KEEPING industry.

  1. SHARON GIBB MURDOCH, Co-Founder of HERITAGE MAKERS, an online Storybooking/Digital Scrapbooking/Home and Business Product company, officially started in 2004.  Heritage Makers was sold to Youngevity in 2013.
  2. RHONDA ANDERSON, Co-Founder of CREATIVE MEMORIES, a Scrapbooking company she started in 1987.  She is also the founder of OUR MEMORIES FOR LIFE, a Youngevity brand created in 2014.
  3. And now…LISA BEARNSON, Co-Founder of CREATING KEEPSAKES MAGAZINE, created in 1996, a published author, and a hugely popular resource for anyone interested in the memory keeping industry.  ANTHOLOGY, by Lisa Bearnson, will be available exclusively through Youngevity in Summer 2015.


Hear what they say:Dr, Sharon Gibb Murdoch,

“Lisa is huge to the industry.  She allows us now to record memories any way we want…you’ve got the winning team.”  Rhonda Anderson, “I am so excited to welcome LB to the Youngevity family.  Lisa is a well-known name in the scrapbooking world.  With Lisa and her products we are able to reach a whole new audience that we haven’t touched before.” 

Lisa Bearnson, “Anthology will be a collection of fresh, fashion-forward designs founded on the principle that quality scrapbooking and memory keeping does not have to be difficult.”  

What is the result when 3 of the biggest experts in the Memory Keeping industry come together in the home of a publicly traded, financially stable company, YOUNGEVITY?  I believe that quite simply, it’s the best source for your memory keeping products, training, and support community, which also results in the best Direct Sales/Network Marketing business opportunity available.
Youngevity is a healthy lifestyles company, founded by Dr. Joel Wallach, a legend in the health and wellness industry.

 Doctor Wallach has dedicated his life to his passion, which is changing the world by teaching others to take responsibility for their health.“Lots of people dream about changing the world, but few ever try it.”  Doctor Wallach knows how to make a difference.

With the passion these three women have, the influence they have had on helping others preserve the important stories and memories in our lives, and with our team of passionate distributors,YOUNGEVITY is a perfect fit.


Border Maker Update Memories For Life

lateaugustourmemoriesforlife august

CURRENTLY IN-STOCK: Pinking Edge Ribbon, Japanese Fan, Antique Butterfly
ARRIVING MID TO LATE AUGUST: Antique Floral, Heart Scallop, Japanese Fan, NEW Star Party
ARRIVING MID SEPT: Antique Floral, Japanese Floral, Baby Charms, Pine Tree, Shell Scallop, Antique Butterfly, BlingBling
ARRIVING IN OCTOBER: New Exclusive Designs

Have a happy day,

Julia Mitchell





New Border Marker Designs

Late August to Early December these new Our Memories For Life Border Maker Cartridges will be released.  Don’t these look amazing, if you have any suggestions for border makers that you would like to see send me an email and I’ll forward it on to Rhonda Anderson.  juliamitchell13@gmail.com

Our Memories For Life New Cartridges

Katie Pertiet’s latest OMFL Collection is PARTY BRIGHTS…so colorful and fun for so many memorable occasions! The 3pc Collection (12 x 12 Designer Cardstock, Border Strips and Journal Cards) is USOM0835 and the June Autoship (USOM0001) i

Party Brights by Katie Our Memories For Life


Update that the following are all going to be restocked, if they aren’t in stock now will be within the next few weeks.  The pricing on this is for US cost price.  To purchase at cost price GO HERE