Where have I been?

IMG_2094 This is our new home until the end of November. We being my husband Brian and Myself are managers of a caravan park which is 7 days a week, no breaks 7.00am to 6.00pm, so we had to pack up 4 bedroom house put everything in storage, move the kids out of the house and travel 3 hours North to begin the journey (all within 3 weeks). So tonight is my first opportunity to do an update. We are at Hervey Bay where it is whale watching season, such an amazing site to see.   Whale Watching       We had to bring Navi (our son’s dog) with us and she just loves to serve at the counter .  She jumps on the golf cart which Brian uses to pick up the rubbish bins and all the locals just love her. We are not sure what or where we will go next but it won’t be managing another caravan park any day soon 🙂  Although it is fun and I love the people I miss not having free time.  We are only 3 blocks from the beach and I long to just sit, but I’m thankful for the opportunity. Navi So what is new with Our Memories For life There will be ONE idea book for all 3 brands: Heritage Makers, Our Memories for Life, and Anthology? This will be full of project ideas, and they will be updating it QUARTERLY!!! Also, for OMFL and Anthology they will release Product Info sheets when the new products come out. Will keep you posted on this. Heritage Makers is that much closer in coming to Australia.  Already it is enjoyed by so many in the states.  To join you do through www.join-julia.com that is my link and it is $25 US which includes catalogs and $15 for Australia/New Zealand The September Autoship is ready to order and it looks amazing.   Anthology products during the Pre-launchseptemberautoship

Click on this to watch the training topic Getting Out of your comfort Zone. Training with Rhonda September 2015  16573_USOM520805_School_Days-Border_420px-2_1 How cute are these? 16015_USOM520835_PB_BorderStrips_420_1


Will make sure you do another post this month. Miss you heaps

Welcome to May

May Our Memories For Life What a beautiful time of the year this is for us in Australia. Welcome to all my lovely followers, it is so nice that Our Memories for Life is easy accessible to everyone around the world.

We are planning a trip to the States arriving 25th of November and leaving the 30th of December. We arrive in LA pick up a RV and are going to hear North. If anyone is around this area or has any suggestions on what to do etc would so love to hear from you.

What are your plans for May?  This month I am working on launching a new business along with this one of course, but it is a business I’m working with my husband on.  We are providing a digital advertising platform ie giving small business a website presence and facebook presence.  So I’m busy busy.

Some frequently asked questions:

How do we order the OMFL catalogs?   Go To OMFL and then to sales aids. the catalogs are listed there.

How many pages does our albums hold? 3 packs of cm pages (45)

Why is the Black Noir collection pack more then the others?  Unlike the other Collections, Black Noir includes 2 sets of Alphas: Black and White, plus re-fill pages. However, you can order any of the components such as the Designer Card Stock, Solid Color Cardstock, Border Strips or Journal Cards in any combination you wish!

Our Memories For Life National Scrapbook Day
May is National Scrapbooking Day.  What are your plans for this?  We have a facebook group you are welcome to join to see what is happening and where it is happening.
Typically members will put on an event especially for the day and it can be digitize, traditional or both. We are fortunate with Youngevity to have access to so many different products and services for just the one time sign up fee.
To get started visit my site www.join-julia.com choose your country eg New Zealand, USA, Australia.  From here you can to choose a whole range of products and also sign up to Heritage Makers.  Youngevity is the umbrella company where all these amazing little companies sit under making sure that they are around for many years to come.
USOM0001- Black Coverset or USOM0002 – Dove Grey Coverset PLUS: Graduate & Celebrate BY KATIE PERTIET plus Border strips – SET 12 and Journal cards – SET 25
Wedded Bliss Metallic Gold & Silver Solid Color Card Stock- SET 12 and Black Noir Solid Color Card Stock – SET 12
I caught up with my sister on the weekend, she lives in a beautiful part of the world will lots of mountains.  Had to enjoy a cuppa and cake of course.  Have a fantastic day and talk soon 🙂  www.facebook.com/memoriesforlifeclubOur Memories For Life


Our Memories For Life National Scrapbook Day


Rhonda invites you to join her along with the OMFL/HM distributors, members, and friends for National Scrapbook Day 2015! Click on “going” to get exciting updates from Rhonda, many ideas, product releases, and more.

Watch for exciting announcements.

When Rhonda Anderson, former Creative Memories Co Founder, created National Scrapbook Day it quickly grew to be a favorite event among scrapbookers. Together with our beautiful Our Memories for Life products and our experienced OMFL distributors, we are positioned to lead the way in hosting outstanding events around the United States, Canada and Australia/ New Zealand.

We will feature products, fresh ideas and beloved traditions that people have come to expect from the founder and heart of the scrapbooking industry. The OMFL logo designed specifically for NSD states our powerful message: Our Memories for Life – the heart and tradition of memory keeping. Come join us and experience the true heart and passion for your pictures and stories.

Will keep you posted where I will be holding an event here in Queensland.  🙂

Talk soon, Julia


What is Our Memories For Life?

Archival Scrapbook Albums and Coordinating Designer Pages and Papersrhonda anderson

What is Our Memories for Life?  Glad you asked.

For more than ten years, Heritage Makers has provided the best in digital scrapbooking and custom photo-merchandise design and publication.  I personally have only ever created a couple of online albums and look forward to being able to do more digital scrapbooking when it comes to Australia.

Scrapbooking has been around for years.  I first started back in 1999 when I was introduced to the concept of putting my precious memories in photo safe albums.

Back then there was digital photos, rather you took the shot and waited excitedly to pick them up after they had be developed.  I remember to begin with they all went into the sticky albums and as a result so many photos were destroyed.

So when I became A Creative Memories Consultant my drive and passion was to help people get them out of those albums and into a beautiful story book where they could tell the story and leave behind a legacy for generations to come.

I pursued that passion for over 8 years and helped 1000’s of women and men do exactly that.  I can recall being at someone’s home using a hair dryer to carefully remove the photos of her loved ones from album pages that they were stuck to.  I remember the joy and excitement she experienced when we got them off and she was then able to transfer to a safe album and tell the story.

So today in August 2014, Rhonda Kanning Anderson, founder of Creative Memories, has partnered with Heritage Makers and together they are proud to offer the best in traditional scrapbooking albums, papers and tools.

This new line of products, branded Our Memories For Life, allows Heritage Makers to provide all the best options in memory-keeping and it is exciting to be getting back into this industry after a break of over 7 years.

Rhonda’s whom I have met and chat to regularly has had a 27- year reputation in the industry, I recall watching her on videos learning how to do what she did.  She has such a passion and commitment to photo safety, product quality, and lasting beauty.

Our Memories For Life traditional scrapbooking products will meet those high expectations and standards and I know with Rhonda at the helm Rhonda will not let any dodgy or second hand products have her name attached to it.

Everyone has photos, memories and a story to tell. I’m the youngest of 13, I have heaps of stories to tell.  There was always someone in the family who had a camera started back with some seriously old fashioned ones, and I recall my sister developing her own photos at home.

Today is so different with all the new technology that people don’t make the same time available to sit down and do traditional scrapbooking.  I love that with what limited time you have, Rhonda with her team have created beautiful designer Pages, with their subtle and rich designs, so time won’t be an issue and you can create beautiful, timeless memories in your album.

If you love to be create, our Designer Cardstock, Borders and Journaling Cards are everything you’ll need to make one-of-a-kind masterpieces!  I can’t wait for the tools and all the other product that is going to be released as well.

Finally, give your pages, pictures and stories a permanent, photo-safe home in one of our stunning bookcloth coversets – recognized by industry experts as the premier cover material for quality albums.  I know my family love going through the albums and recalling the events and memories, to me it is priceless.
Heritage Makers and Our Memories for Life products – welcome to memory keeping at it’s best.

Our Memories For Life