What’s been going on with Our Memories For Life?

Julia Mitchell
Julia Mitchell

Good morning, long time no hear. The wonderful thing that I love about scrapbooking is that no matter what you go through it is always there, it never goes away.

I’ve been on a journey as I am sure we all have and earlier this year got a position with Flight Centre. It’s something I had always thought about and at 49 thought it was a bit late for a career change. I am loving it, helping people dream about a holiday how amazing. I get to use my products to do up their packages for them and as I get settled can help with suggestions on how to create an album if they are interested.

The photo above is the team that I trained with, most I could have been their mum how cute.

So how are your scrapbooking projects going? What things have you been doing? How is life? I would love to hear from you, feel free to connect with me on FACEBOOK. just send me a message.


THEY ARE HERE!!!! Our 5 beautiful new coverset colors are Coral, Palm Green, Grape,Raspberry, and Petal Pink. Plus Grey is back in stock. Hickory and Fern Green will be back in about 4 weeks. VISIT WEBSITE HERE

If you are new to Our Memories for Life it can appear a little confusing to get started when you go to the above website.  Our Memories for Life is owned by Youngevity and what does that mean?  It means when you join and there is a one off yearly fee you can wholesale access not just to scrapbooking products but to all the other products that fall under that umbrella eg hertiage makers, essential oils, Youngevity and much more.

It’s very exciting and offers you the opportunity to save money by purchasing what you want when you want.

There are lots of new things coming in the pipeline, new website, the ability to create online albums and other new products.

Sorry for the short update but will be posting more regularly soon.  Have a super duper day Julia


Our Memories For Life Pocket Pages November Autoship

12246598_10208351757980882_6990659938236985287_nThe pocket pages are in stock and ready to be purchased from the Youngevity websites.  The cost is $24 wholesale for a package of 15 pages/30 sides. The collections for these pocket pages will be in stock December 1st. So you can get started by ordering your photos and filling the pockets!! The product number is: USOM100010.  These are 12×12 and fit in the OMFL coversets.  They are listed under page protectors right now11254321_10208350322104986_2173550197210759128_n



12038510_10208253714009844_4405785376491668007_nThank you Katie Pertiet for the beautiful Miracles and Milestones Collection!
We love how our new Monarch Butterfly and Tags You’re It Paper Punches complement the Collection!  December will be a HUGE month with the introduction of our fabulous new uniquely designed Pocket Pages, and the 3 new Pocket Page Collections Katie Pertiet is designing for us…..and the arrival of our new exclusive Border Maker Cartridges!! 

“Faithbooking” is something that Rhonda Anderson, Co-Founder of Creative Memories, and Founder of Our Memories for Life has always been passionate about.  Her new line, “Miracles and Milestones”, combines journaling prompts with beautiful paper designed by Katie Pertiet to provide a foundation for us to create our own Miracles and Milestones albums.

Take a look at a preview of the items in this beautiful collection, available in NOVEMBER 2015.16513281342701







Where have I been?

IMG_2094 This is our new home until the end of November. We being my husband Brian and Myself are managers of a caravan park which is 7 days a week, no breaks 7.00am to 6.00pm, so we had to pack up 4 bedroom house put everything in storage, move the kids out of the house and travel 3 hours North to begin the journey (all within 3 weeks). So tonight is my first opportunity to do an update. We are at Hervey Bay where it is whale watching season, such an amazing site to see.   Whale Watching       We had to bring Navi (our son’s dog) with us and she just loves to serve at the counter .  She jumps on the golf cart which Brian uses to pick up the rubbish bins and all the locals just love her. We are not sure what or where we will go next but it won’t be managing another caravan park any day soon 🙂  Although it is fun and I love the people I miss not having free time.  We are only 3 blocks from the beach and I long to just sit, but I’m thankful for the opportunity. Navi So what is new with Our Memories For life There will be ONE idea book for all 3 brands: Heritage Makers, Our Memories for Life, and Anthology? This will be full of project ideas, and they will be updating it QUARTERLY!!! Also, for OMFL and Anthology they will release Product Info sheets when the new products come out. Will keep you posted on this. Heritage Makers is that much closer in coming to Australia.  Already it is enjoyed by so many in the states.  To join you do through www.join-julia.com that is my link and it is $25 US which includes catalogs and $15 for Australia/New Zealand The September Autoship is ready to order and it looks amazing.   Anthology products during the Pre-launchseptemberautoship

Click on this to watch the training topic Getting Out of your comfort Zone. Training with Rhonda September 2015  16573_USOM520805_School_Days-Border_420px-2_1 How cute are these? 16015_USOM520835_PB_BorderStrips_420_1


Will make sure you do another post this month. Miss you heaps

Border Maker Update Memories For Life

lateaugustourmemoriesforlife august

CURRENTLY IN-STOCK: Pinking Edge Ribbon, Japanese Fan, Antique Butterfly
ARRIVING MID TO LATE AUGUST: Antique Floral, Heart Scallop, Japanese Fan, NEW Star Party
ARRIVING MID SEPT: Antique Floral, Japanese Floral, Baby Charms, Pine Tree, Shell Scallop, Antique Butterfly, BlingBling
ARRIVING IN OCTOBER: New Exclusive Designs

Have a happy day,

Julia Mitchell