It’s officially Winter in Australia

So what does winter look like for us?  Well here on the Sunshine Coast it really is shorts and tshirts and maybe a jumper if there is a wind and pj’s at night.  Great weather for eating and scrapbooking I’m thinking.

Sunshine Coast

We have had such a busy few weeks.  Our eldest son marched out from the army, this is after an intense 80 days where there drilled to the max.

It was so wonderful to hear him say that it was his proudest moment.  Oh the feelings and emotions one wanted to capture as he marched by.  I would have cried more expect I was filming and taking photos at the same time.

When I first got in Creative Memories it was the days where digital was an unknown word and taking a photo to capture the memory was of high importance for me.

I still believe in capturing the memory and of course it is still important but back then I couldn’t wait until you picked your photos up and felt the need to scrapbook them immediately.

Today I’ll be honest it is harder to get to the store to print them off because I’ve already seen the image, shared it already on Facebook and Instagram and so the urgency to scrapbooking the image is not quite the same.

Doesn’t mean  I don’t enjoy but it is a different era.  Just reflecting I guess, anyway here is a photo of our son, such a proud moment.


Our Memories For Life Australia





June 2015 AutoShip Item

Party Brights Collection by Katie Pertiet:

Includes 12 x 12 Designer Cardstock, Border Strips & Journal Cards
RET. $91.57 WHLSL. $62.95 BV. $43.00 QV. $51.00
To Order the June autoship go to: and enter your login details or if you haven’t joined up then do that first.

Scroll down to the bottom, where you will see the current Autoship for May.  On June 1st it will convert to the June Autoship or put USOM0002 in the search box.

That’s if for now talk soon and have a wonderful day 🙂  Julia

Our Memories For Life National Scrapbook Day


Rhonda invites you to join her along with the OMFL/HM distributors, members, and friends for National Scrapbook Day 2015! Click on “going” to get exciting updates from Rhonda, many ideas, product releases, and more.

Watch for exciting announcements.

When Rhonda Anderson, former Creative Memories Co Founder, created National Scrapbook Day it quickly grew to be a favorite event among scrapbookers. Together with our beautiful Our Memories for Life products and our experienced OMFL distributors, we are positioned to lead the way in hosting outstanding events around the United States, Canada and Australia/ New Zealand.

We will feature products, fresh ideas and beloved traditions that people have come to expect from the founder and heart of the scrapbooking industry. The OMFL logo designed specifically for NSD states our powerful message: Our Memories for Life – the heart and tradition of memory keeping. Come join us and experience the true heart and passion for your pictures and stories.

Will keep you posted where I will be holding an event here in Queensland.  🙂

Talk soon, Julia


Our Memories For Life Catalog



With such a huge Catalog to print it is taking some time to get to that in  place.  So in the mean time please click on the link below to access the catalog.  For those in America the prices are correct, for us in Australia it is different pricing.  It is just $15 to join if in Australia or $10 to join if you are in the US and that is a one off fee.  For that you can purchase whatever products you choose at 30% off RRP and you can order what you like when you like.  To get started visit my site HERE

CLICK HERE To Read the Catalog

Happy New Year


Woo Hoo it is a New Year 2015 and I’m excited 🙂 I’m not sure how your 2014 was, I certainly had many blessings of which I am thankful and I also experienced some of the lowest days in my life for a long time. I always believe that God works all things out for good although at times I do question this 🙂

Going from a 6 figure income to zero is interesting to say the least and kick started my faith journey again. We never arrive do we? I had many months off working through the aftermath of stress, depression and discouragement and disappointment.

My God says this though “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

So I can keep moving forward knowing his plans are for good. Many years ago I started with Creative Memories as I wanted to be a stay at home mum and I was so passionate about creating and preserving memories due to not have many myself. Over the years I did this I moved interstate several times and each time had to restart my business. After the last move decided I wanted more and bigger and opened a scrapbooking shop.

Creating a community was important and still is to me so a shop was a good way to do this, however it had to be more about making money and after a couple of years decided to close shop and move back to home routes. During this time we lost my husband’s brother in a horrible circumstance which helped us determine that being close to family was more important than making money.

So seven years down the track I came across Rhonda Anderson who was the person who sparked that initial desire and passion in my heart. I joined the Company and over these last few months have put it out there for others to join with me to purchase product and to those who have welcome.

I am in the process of putting together kits with page layouts and designs for those who may want to teach others. I’ve also decided I wish to pursue this as a business and if you would like to join me in this journey of earning an income working from home just get in touch with me. This actually is an awesome business model I researched about 50 in 2014 and tried about 20 and this one ticks most boxes for me.

I know this isn’t just about product but just wanted to share what is on my heart.  2015 I will finally achieve my weight loss goal with I started in 2014 and maintain it.  It drives me nuts the relationship I have with food and so I’m working on this.

I have big visions of helping others help others and not sure how that will pan out, maybe it is through Youngevity with the Our Memories For Life products or maybe it will be my bubbly lounge concept that I have on my heart.  All I know is that I need to step out and give all things a go rather than sitting and thinking for 100 hours 🙂

What I do know is that I’m in the right place at the right time and thank each and everyone of you who read this, leave comments and join me on the journey.

My pray is for each of you to dream big, go out there and give it a go, stay true to who you are and have faith that all things will work out for good.  Happy 2015 🙂  Julia <3 <3 <3

Game on 2015