Our Memories For Life

Rhonda Anderson who was Co-Founder of Creative Memories has united with Heritage Makers under the umbrella of Youngevity to bring you back the traditional scrapbooking products.

The Back Story – As Creative Memories was struggling with bankruptcy in early 2014, Heritage Makers, which was solely a digital publishing company, approached CM Co-founder Rhonda Anderson to join Heritage Makers and design a line of traditional scrapbooking products for them.  Our Memories for Life by Heritage Makers was the result.  Rhonda brought her passion for preserving our photos and memories to Heritage Makers and has delivered what I like to call Creative Memories 2.0 – the new, improved version of the products we have come to love and depend on over the last 25 years.

rhonda anderson

How Do I Purchase Our Memories For Life Products?

Unlike the old way with Creative Memories where you purchased directly from a consultant, Our Memories For Life has made it simple where you can purchase products directly yourself.

 How Do I Join To Purchase Our Memories For Life Products

Visit www.join-julia.com and watch the video below 🙂

 What type of products are available for sale?

The range is growing weekly.  Currently there are Our Memories For Life coversets, tape runners, 12 inch trimmer, our memories for life border makers and border cartridges, pages, protectors, stickers and more is on its way.  All the products are brought to us through the inspiration of the amazing Rhonda Anderson.  Everything you need to help you preserve your precious photos and stories.

Heritage Makers

When did Heritage Makers begin?

2004. Sharon Gibb Murdoch and Candy May created a storybooking company, My Family Tales, that sold storybooking kits to create hardbound books, years prior, but we officially became HM in 2004.

What is the Sign-Up Special?

​The first time you “Join the HM Club”, you can purchase the “Sign-up Special” and receive 100 Publishing Points for only $50. To order this after you’ve already signed up, as long it is within 30 days of when you started HM Club, just call the HM home office.

What is the percentage you are actually saving with each Club HM Membership?

Bronze – 25%
Silver – 29%
Gold – 33%
Signup special – 50%
​PLUS, you have access to all the PREMIER art and templates while you have an active Club membership.

When do our club memberships renew?
On the 5th or 20th of each month. The system selects the date closest to the day you signed up for HM Club.

Is there a product special every month?

Yes – and it’s usually 10% off a product. This month is the brag bag! If you’re a Gold Consultant, and you’re already getting 15% off publishing, this is not in addition to that.

Can the HM Studio be run on an ipad?
​Our program (Studio) runs off Flash, and ipads don’t have Flash Player. You CAN get an app for the photo uploader – search: Heritage Makers


Youngevity Products

What are the home office phone numbers?

Youngevity New Zealand – 0800 375 635
Youngevity Australia – 1800 756 467
Email:  New Zealand/Australia
Customer Service support@youngevity.co.nz
Information:  info@youngevity.co.nz

Everywhere else:

Youngevity Customer Service – 1 800 982-3189
​Youngevity Order Placement – 1 800 982-3197
Heritage Makers – 1-866 MY HEROES (1-866-694-3763)

​What are the Facebook Pages I might be interested in joining? How do I join them?

Ask your sponsor or upline leader to send you an invite. You need to be Facebook friends with them first.
Your team’s group
YGY Product Talk
HM/YGY Ancient Legacy (Essential Oils)
HM/YGY Mineral Make-up and Spa Collection
​Youngevity’s Fan Page!! Youngevity’s Corporate Page

What is Youngevity’s most popular product?

​The Healthy Body Pack (90 for Life) is the top seller. It includes the 90 essential vitamins, minerals, and supplements that help our bodies maximize healthy living. Check out the Clemson Report  to learn more about the benefits of Tangy Tangerine, one of the products in this pack.!

Where do I learn details, find ingredient lists, etc. for Youngevity’s main products?

I’ve ordered one of the Healthy Body Packs. Where do I go to learn how to maximize the effectiveness of these products?  Healthy Body Challenge

​Where do I order Youngevity Product?

You can log in to your account, by going to www.youngevity.com, or your replicated website ____.my90forlife.com.

Where do I go to learn more about Youngevity’s Founder, Dr. Joel Wallach?

On the www.youngevity.com website. Also, our upline’s website has information and links as well.

If I know someone who has a specific health challenge, how to I know which is the best product or protocol for them?
You can view Dr. Wallach’s radio show archives, HERE.

What is an autoship?

​A monthly order of Youngevity product. You place the order in your Youngevity back office, and can manage it each month from there. When setting up an autoship, make sure you place your original order as well, because your autoship does not ship until the following month. You can choose your autoship date while you are setting up your autoship.

​An autoship order over 50QV qualifies for FREE shipping in the States and  100 QV AUS/NZ This also gives you FREE FREIGHT

​How do I cancel an autoship?

Call YGY’s home office, or email support@youngevity.com.


How can I earn an additional 30% bonus during a distributor or customer’s first 30 days?

Do I have to be a CEO consultant or is this also for the $10/$15 consultant?
​You can receive a Quick Start Bonus on up to 30% of the total BV (Bonus Volume) on your New Enrollee’s orders, up to 750BV, for their first 30 days in the business. To qualify for this weekly Quick Start Bonus, you must be a qualified IMD (meaning that you are continuing to meet the requirements for that rank) or above and you must have a 100 PQV (personal qualifying volume) Auto-Ship on file (this CAN be the gold membership) for the current month and the following month. (Check out the compensation plan.) This bonus is for BOTH a $10/$15 Consultants, AND the CEO consultants!!

If our customers have a club membership, place orders, or have an autoship, how do we make money?
You make the same income off your customers as you do your distributors.
As long at you are at the JIMD level ($50 PQV – i.e. the silver level), you will earn compensation. As your PQV increases, your compensation percentage also increases. There are details about the compensation plan on www.youngevity.com as well as our team resource sites.

And the million dollar question…why would anyone NOT sign up as a consultant when it’s only $10/$15?!?!?!

​What is the difference between QV and BV?

QV is Qualifying Volume, and is the amount that counts toward your qualification. BV is Bonus Volume and is the amount that you are paid on. It varies on the YGY product, and on HM Club it is 72%. Anything outside of club is 80%.

What counts toward our QV? Is it HM or YGY too?

​All orders on the HM site and YGY site count towards your QV. For example, you can order Club HM on your HM site, and Nighttime Moisturizer on the YGY site, and your volume is the total of the two together. AWESOME!!!!