Hello it’s Julia Mitchell here.

It’s July 2014 and I just celebrated my 48th birthday (now that is scary) and are about to embark on a new era (gosh don’t have many left) so believing this one should see me through.

Hi there! I’m Julia, youngest of 13 children, mum to 3 and been married to besty since 1992.  Grew up in Clayfield in Brisbane in Queensland and had to have a sense in humour in order to be heard.

Growing up I actually thought that I would like to be a teacher, an ice skater, a dancer, a hairdresser and make lots of money.  Over the years I’ve done bits and pieces of all of this (well a small white lie) but I’ve always been passionate about telling stories and reliving memories.

As long as I can remember someone in my family has always had a camera and I remember not being allowed in the room when the film was being developed and also remember the fun we use to have on slide nights.

I have always created memories for my family and taken lots of photos, kept lots of bits and pieces from birthday cards to envelopes that has my mums writing on it.  My mum is 93 and still alive and well.

As my children grew up I made a decision that I had only one opportunity to raise them so I wanted to be a stay at home mum.  The entrepreneur in me though wanted to do someone more whilst being at home.  In 1999 I came across Creative Memories and to me it was a perfect match of which I stayed with for 8 years and achieved Director Status.

In Tweed Heads I opened my own scrapbooking store and created an online scrapbooking club which was very successful and only closed to a death in the family.  Over the last few years I moved away from the old tradition as facebook and cameras on phones took over.

I have had fun building an online business and then for a number of years being the top salesperson for an insurance company and early this May it all got too much for me the stress of sales and I had a mini breakdown which meant I had to quit my job.

So this brings me to where I am now.  I was searching online looking for the next thing when I noticed a friend of mine was tagged in a post about Rhonda Anderson and Our Memories for Life.  So upon some investigating I discovered this to be all very new and just started so I jumped onboard as it was just $15 to join.

A bit more investigating I found the founder of the Company Rhonda works under is Dr Joel Wallach who has a life changing Healthy For Life Pak.  This excites me as I read of the people who have experienced healing in many areas of their life but more exciting have lost weight.  Woh two of my passions in the one business has to be a good thing.

I love building websites so in this time I have set up  small biz internet solutions business.  On top of that I’m creating a GIFTS program and a directory for Photographers and Scrapbooking Shops and online businesses.  My heart is to bring the community together and to help people help people.

Life is great and I’m excited to have purpose and passion again.  So here is to sharing the journey together.

Just be You!  Julia