March 2015 Our Memories For Life

Sam MitchellI knew the time would eventually come yet I wasn’t prepared for the tears I went through after he left. Sam Mitchell age 21 always had a dream of becoming a fighter pilot, however dreams do change and he decided he would like to fly drones instead and serve in the Army instead of the Airforce.

For the last few years Sam has traveled around Australia, worked in various jobs from driving tractors in a cotton field, to being out on the ocean tuna fishing. For the last few months he has been home working in a pizza place just filling in time before his enlistment date.

I don’t think I have ever know someone to be so ready. Words can’t say how proud we are of you Sam <3

It won’t be long and you will be posted in Brisbane just down the road and starting a new career and life.

So with him gone it is a new season for me.  I have hung around home whilst he has been here just to enjoy those moments but time to get out and look for some part time work whilst working on my business.

I have begun to get back into creating pages again.  I don’t know if you have ever been in such a place where the thought of getting out all your scrapbooking stuff stops you from exactly doing that.  As a previous CM consultant for years and the shop owner I had far too much stuff hanging out both material and mentally so have been working on getting rid of that which has helped big time.

Our Memories For LifeSo below are some pages I have created using the Love Range and Christmas range.  I have got back into cutting bits and pieces out of cardstock, I love doing this and aren’t always straight either.  I love paper and although finding to difficult to stick to traditional products am trying to use the old imagination on how to do so.  So enjoy.

NOTE:  Due to the hold up in the ports in America which went on for several months some product won’t be available for a few weeks to come.  SO be creative with what you have and see you soon 🙂


IMG_0453 (2) IMG_0436

This is Sam’s dog who won’t leave his bedroom waiting for him to return, now that makes me tear up!IMG_0437