Our Memories For Life Product Update December 2014

Christmas is coming


This products are available from the 8th of December for Australia and New Zealand.  Log onto your website http://juliamitchell.my90forlife.com/ This is mine, yours will have your name where mine is.  If you haven’t joined up as yet then you can do so from my website.

If you wish to have the freight free option for the Aus/NZ members you create an autoship of 100QV.  To do so go to autoship in the back office and click on create or edit.

Just a thought if you are wanting to get your products before Christmas to order them asap.

Our Memories For Life Black Noir Alphabet Our Memories For Life Primary_Red-Alphahabet 14936_USOM500850_Halow-Design-Crdstk_150 14928_USOM510040-primary-SOLID-CRDSTK-150 Our Memories For Life Blue Navy Alphabet 14914_USOM600303_Bl_Skies_Aqua-Alphabet-150Our Memories For Life Skyblue RefillPagesOur Memories For Life White RefillPages Our Memories For Life Come Away with me StripsOur Memories For Life Come Away with Me Cardstock Our Memories for Life Come away with me designer cardstockOur Memories For Life Solid Black Pages Our Memories For Life Crème de la Crème Designer Refill PagesOur Memories For Creme Alphabet Our Memories For Life Come Away Brown AlphabetOur Memories For Life Clean Slate RefillPagesOur Memories For Life Come Away With Me Cards14922_USOM520850_Halow-Brd-Strips_150











For those in the states you have access to a lot more products then we do at this stage and your Autoship is a lot less just 50QV to get freight free.

Update from Rhonda 4th December.  The Thanksgiving journaling cards will be available to order this afternoon from Youngevity. Also, our border maker case and multi purpose tool was finally released from customs. They will be ready to purchase some time on Thursday!!

This is just some of the range. I’m so thankful for the hard work that Rhonda Anderson is doing in bringing back the product. If you have any questions email on julia@memoriesforlife.club or find me on facebook.

Happy Shopping and talk soon,

Julia 🙂