What’s been going on with Our Memories For Life?

Julia Mitchell
Julia Mitchell

Good morning, long time no hear. The wonderful thing that I love about scrapbooking is that no matter what you go through it is always there, it never goes away.

I’ve been on a journey as I am sure we all have and earlier this year got a position with Flight Centre. It’s something I had always thought about and at 49 thought it was a bit late for a career change. I am loving it, helping people dream about a holiday how amazing. I get to use my products to do up their packages for them and as I get settled can help with suggestions on how to create an album if they are interested.

The photo above is the team that I trained with, most I could have been their mum how cute.

So how are your scrapbooking projects going? What things have you been doing? How is life? I would love to hear from you, feel free to connect with me on FACEBOOK. just send me a message.


THEY ARE HERE!!!! Our 5 beautiful new coverset colors are Coral, Palm Green, Grape,Raspberry, and Petal Pink. Plus Grey is back in stock. Hickory and Fern Green will be back in about 4 weeks. VISIT WEBSITE HERE

If you are new to Our Memories for Life it can appear a little confusing to get started when you go to the above website.  Our Memories for Life is owned by Youngevity and what does that mean?  It means when you join and there is a one off yearly fee you can wholesale access not just to scrapbooking products but to all the other products that fall under that umbrella eg hertiage makers, essential oils, Youngevity and much more.

It’s very exciting and offers you the opportunity to save money by purchasing what you want when you want.

There are lots of new things coming in the pipeline, new website, the ability to create online albums and other new products.

Sorry for the short update but will be posting more regularly soon.  Have a super duper day Julia


Happy October Our Memories For Life

How quickly time is flying with just 2 months until Christmas. Have you even started to think about Christmas? I certainly haven’t. The Our Memories For Life Border Makers will make a great gift and you can make some even better gifts using them yourselves. Below are some examples for you or head to my facebook page

What else is happening?

Well Rhonda Anderson is working hard to first make sure the product that is being created is micky mouse standard, then outsourcing to the best people and the creative team busy creating new product.

When you look what has happened in just a few months the whole team really needs a HUGE Thankyou.Thank you Rhonda Anderson

I know that this will be a long home for those traditional scrapbookers and for those who love old Creative Memories Products.

For those who haven’t already to join and purchase your product at cost just visit my website www.join-julia.com and click to join. It is a one off fee of $10/$15 just depending where you live in the world.

From there you join as an associate create your account and then you are ready to shop. I have a video which should help you or just message me juliamitchell13@gmail.com

If you havent fallen in love with the border maker and cartridges yet, then these gorgeous ideas by Kim Nelson Hicks in the US will make you, the possibilities are endless!

Our Memories For Life Border Cartridge Maker

Our Memories For Life Border Cartridge MakerOur Memories For Life Border Cartridge MakerOur Memories For Life Border Makers
Our Memories For Life Our Memories For Life Border Makers Our Memories For Life Border Makers

For those who know me I love to do a number of things at one time so this week I have started a 90 day Healthy Body Challenge and also started doing demonstrations with my thermomix machine. It’s all happening. So what have you been up to?

Thermomix Paleo